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Heavy Equipment Hire


Stu Davidson & Son’s has a level 4 SE PE Demolition Grading for specialised demolition. Safely and efficiently deconstructing structures, from intricate historical buildings to challenging site preparation.
Nexus Yachts demolition - Stu Davidson Demolition + Plant Hire

Stu Davidson & Sons will help you deconstruct the past and build a solid foundation for your future.

Stu Davidson & Sons specialised demolition team boasts Level 4 SE PE Demolition Grading certification, signifying the highest level of expertise and experience in this challenging field.

This certification assures you of:

  • Unmatched Skill and Experience: Our team undergoes rigorous training and possesses extensive experience in handling complex demolition projects safely and efficiently.
  • Strict Adherence to Regulations: We operate under the South African Demolition Standard SANS 10400, ensuring all projects comply with the strictest safety and environmental regulations.
  • Confidence in Handling Specialised Demolition: Whether it’s intricate historical building deconstruction, hazardous material removal, or challenging site preparation, our Level 4 expertise guarantees we have the knowledge and skills to handle your project effectively.

Other Services

Stu Davidson & Sons offers a comprehensive range of services beyond demolition. We provide:

  • Plant Hire: Access a diverse fleet of well-maintained machinery to support various construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Grading and Earthworks: Our skilled team ensures precise and efficient land preparation for your development needs.
  • Project Management: Benefit from our experience and expertise as we navigate your project from planning to completion.